[Auction] 1DC of Cobblestone

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  1. 1DC of Cobblestone, full durability
    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Auction Ending Time: 12 hours after last valid bid

    Ladies and gentlemen, you are bidding not just on cobblestone but the finest and richest of cobblestone. Not cobblestone mined from some bland, lifeless stone farm. I mine only the purest of cobblestone from the tallest mountains in the Empire!
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  2. Since it's mined from the tallest mountains in the Empire, I'll bid:
  3. Ba-bump! Someone call the police because there's a robbery in progress! 1DC of the finest mountain grown cobble the Empire has to offer, and the current bid is 500r. I've got a mortgage, student loans, crushing debt and a dozen children to feed as far as you know.
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  4. Bump! 1DC of Cobble folks. Current bid is 500r. Min raise is 1r. Heck, I'd get in on the bidding if I could for that price. C'mon people! Daddy needs some new shoes...and a diamond voucher and a dragon egg and some promos and some of those markers that smell like food, you know the ones.
  5. Someone please contact the mods/staff. I've just been robbed. You're all my witnesses!

    MrKlink wins the bid with 500r. Oh...it is a dark day. :p

    Please give me about half an hour to pop in and set your access. The chest will be available at SMP1, 1170, in the auction house to the immediate left of my res spawn.
  6. :cool: Awesome! Thanks, will pay now and be over to pick it up!
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