[Auction] 1DC Cactus & 1DC Beds

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by AyanamiKun, Apr 26, 2015.

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  1. items: 1dc cactus & 1dc beds (so 2dc products)
    start bid: 100r
    increase: 1r
    auction end: 24hrs after last bid

    beds.jpg cacti.jpg

    ill setup chests & signs on my res. for pickup.
  2. 1001
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  3. 1003
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    1005r :D
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  5. 1006
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  6. Its for both beds and cactus'. and just because I'm bidding against myself, 1007
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  7. Pfft. Beds are just a bonus here ;)

    I need the cacti to make a Mob-proof-wall.

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  8. 1020
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  9. 1.2k
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  10. u can use one to sleep on and the other 2 build or cook. forgot which :confused:

    i cant believe its already 1300r! thx so much! :D

  11. 5000r

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  12. bump!

    but only because all i may do is bump but i actually also want to say something: awesome!

    thanks so much, and I hope you win Stew!
  13. it is 29 hours now after Stew bid 5,000r so he's the winner!

    thx SO much, ur payment is going to be used really well!

    Ok: go to /smp6, use /v +rei or /v 12269 to get to my res. and look at ur right. u will see 3 chests. one with heads but u need the chests next to that. i put up signs and someone tested them for me. please pay me when u collect the items.
  14. Paid and picked up :)
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