[Auction] 19 double chests of string (65,664 pieces of string)

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  1. Item: 19 double chests of string.
    Starting Bid: 10 rupees.
    Minimum Bid Increment: 10% of last valid bid, rounded down.
    Auction Ending Time:: 24 hours after last valid bid.
    Pick Up Location: SMP6 residence 12435.

    For any megamarket that want's to have string or wool always in stock; for that impressive mob trap that's paved with tripwire; or for the one that simply hates air blocks and wants to replace them with something unobtrusive, this auction can fulfil almost as many useful desires as crazy ideas there are for it.
  2. 5,000 rupees.
  3. anyone wanna split i just want 1 dc
  4. South >:U

  5. Jcplugs is winning with an amazin 15,000 rupees, that's 4.38 strings per rupee.

    Might I remind everyone that string is also useful to create obsidian farms. Don't let this unique opportunity slip by, I doubt* you'll see this much string in one place for auction anytime soon.

    The next minimum valid bid would be of 16,500 rupees, but feel free to go as high as you want.

    *Since I don't really follow the auctions, this might be a very common auction, if so, disregard my comment.
  6. 16500 for teh stringz
  7. haha i auctioned off 24 dc's of string like 3 weeks ago and was about to do another...maybe not
  8. 22k

    You're not winning :p
  9. 25k
    I beg to differ
  10. ...29k
  11. Wow, this has become a fierce competition between samsimx and deathconn, who will win in the end?

    The next valid bid would be of 31,900 rupees.
  12. Only a little over 8 hours for deathconn to walk home with this amazing product. Imagine all you could weave with this much string.
  13. And we enter the final rect for this exiting race, only a little over 4 hours for deathconn to win, at the amazing price of 2.26 strings per rupee.
  14. 31900 cause Im not a fan of losing :p
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