[AUCTION] 16 Diamond Pickaxes with enchantments

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Sn00bDog, Aug 16, 2014.

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  1. The items are enchanted as follow:

    8 diamond pickaxes have unbreaking III and fortune II
    8 diamond pickaxes have unbreaking III and efficiency III

    Starting at 15.000 rupees
    Minimum bid increment: 500
    Closing 24 hours after valid bid.

    Your items will be ready for pick up on smp4 8082.

  2. 19k
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  3. Just so you know you used a decimal instead of a comma so the starting bid was 15r ;)
    20,000 :D
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  4. No, depends where you from. in Europe your bid is officially invalid, cause you just bid 20 rupees ;p
  5. I bid 20k if that makes it easier :p
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  6. your picture only shows 15 picks
  7. I was gonna say something too...
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  8. Yeah, sorry. Took picture when my mouse was on second last and one of those should be with the others above. No worries. Winner get's 16 picks. Got more in stock. Can't edit post..
  9. I would post another picture just to be safe
  10. Can't edit. Winner can report me if I deliver false amount.
  11. post it as a comment
  12. Bump, 7 hours to go.
  13. The best way to write large numbers (besides say 20k) is just 20 000 I think.
  14. kingpotato2000 won it. Congrats!
    A message has been send.
  15. Winner isn't showing up.
  16. K, all is fine now.
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