[Auction] 16 DCs Stained Galss All Colors

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  1. Item: 16 DCs of Stained Glass Blocks (55,296 blocks)
    Starting bid: 3000 rupees
    Minimum bid increase: 200 rupees
    Auction ends: 48 Hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: Volucian 4 at SMP6
    1 DC of each color:

    1 DC Green, 1 DC Brown, 1 DC Gray, 1 DC Black, 1 DC Pink, 1 DC Cyan, 1 DC Light Blue, 1 DC Blue, 1 DC Lime Green, 1 DC Purple, 1 DC Red, 1 DC Orange, 1 DC Yellow, 1 DC Light Gray, 1 DC White, and 1 DC Magenta -- All 16 Colors!
  2. 50,000r
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  3. 100k

    *Big Boy pant's activated*
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  4. 103k
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  5. Bump.... wow I spelt Glass Galss... took me this long to notice.
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  6. 275K

    not you.....
  7. Congratulations DanialBuckinger!

    I will place signs within 24 hours after payment is made. :)
    Items will be on lot "Volucian 4" @ "smp6" and I will keep my eye on rupee history. As I am on vacation in Oahu at the moment, I will only be on my computer once a day, but will check payment history regularly on my phone.

    Thanks everyone for participating!
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