[auction] 150 DC of paper [Closed]

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  1. You read it right. Yes it is 150 Double chest ofPAPER
    Starting Bid:50k or 50 000r
    Minimum Bid Increase:1500r
    Auction Ends:72 Hours after Last Valid Bid
    Pickup: 8426, SMP4
  2. This won't sell 150dc of reeds sold for 40k
  3. I believe this auction needs to have that [Auction] part.
  4. lowering the price now starting bid is 50k
  5. Please keep 3 hours between last bid/bumps before you bump again.
    Edited Title (please don't use all caps..) & edited starting bid to 50k upon request of auctioneer.
  6. thx bloodra1n
  7. hey bloodra1n i see that there is n space between of and paper when you corrected can you please add that back
  8. You just did it again...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.