[AUCTION] 15 Horse Armor!

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  1. Item: 15 Horse Armor (4 Diamond, 5 Gold, and 6 Iron)
    Horse Armor.PNG
    Starting Bid: 14,459 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increase: 500r

    End Time: 48 hours after the last bid.

    Pick-Up Info: Res 7075 in the auction winners pick-up room on Smp3

    Notice: If you do not pick up and/or pay for the auction with in one week of you winning the auction will be voided and will be re-auction.
  2. Wow...I was about to win...20k
  3. 20,5k , sorry havent nocticed Collect12 post
  4. Mr_Zulus wins! Please pay me 20,500 Rupees and I will set up an access chest at 7075.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.