[Auction] 15 DC's of Melon Slices

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  1. Items: 15 Double Chests of Melon Slices
    Starting Bid: 1200r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hours after last valid bid
    Pick up: +FS on SMP9
    Good luck to the bidders!

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  2. Watermello

  3. Ahem, if you can't spell "watermelon" properly, then you can't have it, though
    we will probably all lose to the arch-duke of the melon kingdom, sir Melon.

    Five thousand, five hundred
    mel- I mean rupees.
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  4. Watermello is the new thing.
  5. 15k
    I have got a bad habit of bidding D:
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  6. Should probably bid before archduke comes in. Let me handle this guys, 50K
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  7. Sheeet :eek:

  8. Winner!!!! Please send 50k to me when you come to +FS on SMP9 and press the button to your right!

    Thanks, Auction will be requested to be closed.