[AUCTION] 15 BEACONS Shine bright!!

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  1. 15 Beacons
    I believe this explains itself but IMAGINE what your mega mall or any shop would like with these beauties!! Not to mention the added speed, haste or jump plus more that would add to any res, farm or building jobs!

    Can also be used in the waste against miniboss's for regen, haste or power. When done simply mine the beacon and move on. It does not get destroyed like ender chests do when mined without a silk touch.

    Let's get to it,

    STARTING BID 150,000r

    BID INCREASE 1,000r

    ENDING 48 Hours after final bid

    Pick up and preview is at SMP2 at /V + Merek

    Good Luck and may the light shine for YOU!
  2. Less than 12 hours remain bump.
  3. Incorrect time frame I meant 36 hours remain
  4. Winner winner come get your chicken dinner. Pay and an access sign will be placed Gawadrolt.

    Pick up on smp2 /v +Merek
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.