[Auction] 14 DC of Town-Wild Dirt

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  1. From the depths of the Wild in the middle of Town ... To the frozen soil underneath the smp2 ice palace ... From the excavated area under wcg's statue res ... To that place below my shop :p ...

    I managed to not throw away 14 DoubleChests of this Dirt ... and am offering to Auction it to the public (Please keep in mind, though ... This Dirt is the only dirt from the town-wild ... and the only frozen dirt from the smp2 ice palace ... So please get it while you can :D

    Auctioned Item: 14 DoubleChests (756 stacks or 48,384 pieces) of Dirt Blocks
    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Increment: 1r
    End Time: 30 hours after last valid bid
    Pick Up Area: 3048 smp2 (I'll change access, and give the winner access to enter this room on the res)
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  2. 1 rupee for this magnificent soil
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  3. 200 rupees.
  4. 201 rupees.
    By the way, part of this dirt was removed from a project involving 4 residences on smp2 (2 of my residences, 2 of eklektoi's residences :p), if you want to check it out, go to 3083 on smp2 :)
  5. 400 rupees.
  6. Feels like a challenge.
  7. What are you guys going to do with this soil? Plant tomatoes?
  8. I just wanna say this.

    I remember in the old days on smp3, I used to pay people 60r for digging a DC of dirt. Those were the good days lol
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  9. Thats quite a lot of tomatoes your bidding for there. At least the stuff to plant them on.
  10. Bumpidy :3
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  11. This thread brings back memories... Doesn't it just?
  12. Matheus is in the lead with 1201
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