[Auction] 10 Uber Cool Horses (Jump, speed & promo)

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  1. To auction, 10 mega super cool horses:

    3x very good and healthy jumpers:

    3x 127% speed horses:

    3x Fast Mules:

    And 1 promo (used) horse aka Dancer

    All horses are named and come with a free saddle and 3 chest's for the mules.

    Starting at: R10000
    Min. Bid increment: R500

    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid
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  2. 11 k
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  3. bump
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  4. 12k
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  5. Please let me win this...
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  6. 25500
  7. Please no charm offensives, just bidding ;p
  8. 26500r
    Please let me win this. I'm begging.
  9. Omg whyyyyy?
    If you win can you give me one horse and one mule?
    That's really all I want... And the Dancer.

    Otherwise please let me win and I'll give you the Dancer for 30k.

Thread Status:
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