[AUCTION] 10 Horses

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by teethgrinder1, Jul 19, 2015.

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  1. Starting Bid:5k
    Min Bid Increase:1k
    Auction Ends 48 Hours after last valid bid
    Horse:White None Speed-121.88 Jump-68.20 Health-22.66
    Horse:White None Speed-122.07 Jump-69.05 Health-23.58
    Horse:White None Speed-122.09 Jump-64.61 Health-22.33
    Horse:White White Speed-122.20 Jump-69.43 Health-22.92
    Horse:White None Speed-122.83 Jump-69.55 Health-22.92
    Horse:White None Speed-123.40 Jump-67.05 Health-20.92
    Horse:White None Speed-123.53 Jump-73.02 Health-25.33
    Horse:White None Speed-125.25 Jump-71.48 Health-21.92
    Horse:White White Speed-126.44 Jump-71.44 Health-22.33
    Horse:White None Speed-129.80 Jump-71.17 Health-19.35
  2. the starting bid is 5k, 1k is the amount each bid must be above the previous bid, therefore, your bid is invalid
  3. This Auction is Invalid, Horses must be Auctioned in Quantities of at least 54
  4. Whoops, sorry, just reread the Rules, though horses were 54, not 10 =P
  5. Mine.. 6k!
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  6. 7k I kinda want it too.
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  7. Please i really need it! 8k!
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  8. 9k, need that almost 130 speed horse
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  9. Why am I doing this? 10k
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  10. Teethgrinder, please only bump 3 Hours after the Last Post, you bumped 10 minutes after the Last Post
  11. I thought it was after the last BUMP
  12. Those Bids are like bumps, they bring it up to the front page like one
Thread Status:
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