[Auction] 10 Horse Eggs

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  1. Nice and cheap. ;)
    Start bid: 500r
    Min. bid increase: 100r
    End: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: Access chest by spawn, 14486 smp7
    Horse stats

    D=description S=speed J=jump H=health
    All are normal horses
    1. D=Creamy none S=93.27% J=86.15% H=23.33
    2. D=Brown none S=92.29% J=80.76% H=22.67
    3. D=Creamy none S= 95.47% J=80.35% H=23.67
    4. D=Brown White Dots S=101.13% J=86.16 H=25.00
    5. D=Creamy none S=102.87% J=78.26% H=26.00
    6. D=Grey none S=103.05% J=85.40% H=23.00
    7. D=Creamy none S=100.05% J=84.62% H=24.00
    8. D= Brown White Dots S=95.33% J=79.10% H=23.00
    9. D=Creamy none S=99.70% J=91.95% H=25.33
    10. D=Creamy White dots S=87.23 J=84.14% H=24.33

    All horses are pretty decent, while 4, 5, and 6 are quite good.
    Happy Easter!
  2. 500r M8:)
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  3. Bump, almost halfway over :)
  4. Another bump :cool:
  5. 600
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  6. 700r Ohhh!
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  7. Bump again :p
  8. Bit early on the bump there. Please keep them to a 3 hour time gap minimum.
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  9. Final bump (unless there's another bid)...
  10. Auction has ended, jzh1000 won. Your access chest will be set up around 10 pm EMC time.
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