{Auction} 10 Enchanted Diamond Picks

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  1. Up for auction today is a lot of 10 enchanted diamond picks that have never been used!
    The picks are:
    1. Eff 5
    2. Eff 2
    3. Fortune 3
    4. Eff 3 (2 of them)
    5. Unbreaking 3 (2 of them)
    6. Unbreaking 3, Fortune 2
    7. Unbreaking 3, Eff 5
    8. Eff 4, Silk Touch 1

    Starting Bid: 1,000
    Min Bid: 200
    Auction will end 48hrs after the last bid
    You will pick them up on my res, 8999 on smp4.

  2. Do you use toomanyitems on SMP?
  3. TMI is strictly banned from EMC (It doesnt even allow you te get the items) But it doesnt mean you can't own it, for single player purposes.
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  4. 5k to Chaaralis!
  5. It's considered 'denied', however it wouldn't work on the servers as you need /give permissions for it to work. No harm here. :)
  6. 5.2k to Skaia! You wanna bid ICC? :)
  7. is this for all of them?
  8. Yes.
  9. im out im poor
  10. PAVI is winning with 12k but there is still another 24 hours to win!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.