[Auction] 10 Enchanted Books

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  1. Item: 10 Enchanted Books (listed below)
    Starting Bid: 3000
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours after last VALID bid has been posted

    Enchanted Books:
    1 Power II
    1 Fortune III
    1 Unbreaking II
    1 Silk Touch I
    1 Efficiency IV
    1 Smite IV
    1 Projectile Protection I
    1 Fire Protection III
    2 Protection III

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  2. Bump. If anyone wants me to lower price id be happy to contact a moderator to change the price
  3. Night Bump -_-
  4. Good Morning Bump ;)
  5. Just a note... if the winner will set up an access chest.... i will deliver the goods to save you 20r :p
  6. Chaarilis wins the auction with 6k! if you want you can pick it up at my res or i can deliver it to yours.
    Please pay then set up an access chest... if you dont set up an access chest... come to 10766 to pick it up.
  7. Ahem.... Charralis... are you gonna pay or what? its been 2 days since you won...
  8. With Permission from Torian and Dwight... im calling this one void... Chaaralis you failed to pay on time therefore i am gonna keep the books... sorry if this caused some sadness but you needed to pay on time to get the books.
  9. From the auction rules:

    What is expected of me as an Auction Bidder?
    Updated: 08/23/2012
    As a bidder, you may not bid on an item you do not have the funds for, should you win.

    Bidding it to be in rupees only, no substitutions of items for currency is accepted. Unless stated differently by the auction host, you are expected to pay for the item within 48 hours of winning it. Do not make joke bids. If you post down a number in an auction, you are bound to that number. Do not post in an auction thread unless it meets one of the following criteria:

    • You are asking a question about the posted item.
    • You are making a bid on an item.
    • You won and are discussing transaction details with the host.
    • It is relevant discussion to the auction at hand.
  10. Exactly.. thanks for that :D
  11. Sorry that I never paid for the bid. I lost internet for a while and the maintenance that showed up had no idea what they were doing, so I switched providers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.