[Auction] 10 Double Chests of Dirt!

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  1. That's right folks! The awaited Charity Dirt Drive is here! I am auctioning off 10 whole double chests of prime SMP1 dirt. This dirt is just the dirt you have on your residence, dug with love and care and a highly qualified diamond shovel.

    The proceeds of this auction, as with all of my auctions, will go directly to the continuance of my nonprofit projects. 100% of the proceeds go directly to materials, and I keep none of the profits (proof can be provided if needed).

    This current auction, as said, is 10 double chests of dirt.
    The auction starts now, and ends in 3 days (Monday, 10/27/2014) at this same time of 2:34 pm EMC time.
    The auction starting bid is 500r.
    Minimum bid increment is 50r.

    May the odds be ever in your favour, and remember that charity is something that helps everyone in the community- even you.
  2. This Auction is now over, the winner being Testman12345. Payment but be given within the next 24 hours or the auction will be rendered void.

    All proceeds benefit the Peach Inc. Charity cause, which will be mainly going towards New Player Chests and a community farm and gen.

    Thank you for your participation, and up next is armor!
  3. Sending you a Private Message regarding transportation now :).
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