[AUCTION] 10 DC'S Mushroom Stew

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Should i auction?

Another 2-5 DC's Of Mushroom Stew? 0 vote(s) 0.0%
DC Of Carrots 2 vote(s) 100.0%
  1. Starting bid: 100 r!
    • Item: Mushroom Stew; 10 DC'S
    • Ending: 24h After Last Valid Bid
    • Where can i see this to make sure there is 10 DC'S?: Go to /v 13111 farm on smp6
    • Bid Increasment: 1 r
    I will PM whomever wins the bid after they pay the amount owed and i will put access signs for that player once auction is ended.
  2. 101r not sure why I want 10 DC of mushroom stew tho ... I hate mushrooms :D
  3. I was going to make a bid but it looks like this auction has been won already. Congrats @JediKittySC looks like the force was with you.
  4. 10dcs of mushroom stew for 101r

    Nice job JediKittySC you got a steal!
  5. I forgot about this auction lol, I will set the delivery up after payment (I will check if already paid) I will have it set up around 5:30 or so EST time. It depends on whether i have something i have to do or not.
  6. I just paid I honestly had forgotten about it too :D I didn't actually expect to win.
  7. Hmm what about 102r? I do love mushrooms lol
  8. Auction is ended ^-^ Sowwys ;-;
  9. Jedi, Meet me at /v 13111 farmi need youto come pick up the stew =3
  10. I see's the chests. You could just change the preview signs to access signs for me and I will get them.
  11. Sorry, I wasn't on for quite long, i will go do that.
  12. No worries mate :) Thanks for the stew!