[AUCTION] 10 DC of Sugar Cane

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  1. This auction today is being held to auction off 10 double chests of sugar cane I personally have harvested... Here is the rules:

    -Auction Item - 10 DC of Sugar Cane (or 34,560 Sugar Cane)
    -Starting Bid - 1,250 Rupees
    -Minimum Increment - 250 Rupees
    -Auction Ending - Time ends 24 hours after last valid entry.
    -Pickup - Pickup will be at SMP4/8084. After payment is recieved, player will be given chest permission and must carry it off themselves. Whatever is not carried off after 1 week of being able to be picked up, will become TheMeeper's property.

    Happy Bidding and Stay Classy,
  2. Nobody thinks this is a great deal? *Bump
  3. this is great for villager trading, emerald heaven
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  4. Exactly why i'm offering it...
  5. Come on MVPdrose... it's only 250r.... for over 30,000 sugar cane!
  6. No pics no clicks
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  7. ik i just was tuned out 3500
  8. Here because fluffinator09 has no trust... 2012-12-25_23.43.31.png 2012-12-25_23.43.35.png

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  9. Well anyways, MVPdrose still in the lead with 3500r.
  10. 4000r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
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