[ AUCTION ] 1 x Vault Voucher & 1 x Stable Voucher

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  1. Ever wanted to place your just bought brand new promos in your vault but relaised it's allready full of potatos and you can not go over the vault limit? Here is your chance! Win this auction for an addition vault!
    You have jusf bought a derpy mule and want to show it your friends on another smp but in your 1st stable is allready another horse? Just win this auction for another stable!
    Item: 1 x Vault Voucher
    1 x Stable Voucher
    Starting Bid: 25'000 of dat sweet Rupees
    Minimum Bid increasment: 100r
    Ending Time: 24h after the last placed valid bid
    Pic up: smp1 @ 401 or per mail for an addition of 100r
    Good luck, have fun and stick to the auction rules! :)
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  2. B-U-M-P
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  3. I suggest to lower the starting bid? 25k is alot to start with. :p just a suggestion.
  4. New start bid: 20k
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  5. BUMP
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  6. I would start that a starting bid of free... but that's just a suggestion...
  7. Last bump before closing the auction due to no bids.
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  8. I mean, 20k is too high to start out with. :p
  9. I suggest to follow Dj_Krazy's suggestion. Just a suggestion. :D :p :D :p :D :p :D :p :D
  10. Really, if you consider what the individual items go for, (roughly 15k a piece) 25k, or even 20k is a fair starting price..
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