[AUCTION] 1 Vault voucher

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by RaiinNL, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Item: 1 Vault voucher
    Starting bid: 3k ( 3000 rupees )
    Bid increment: 250 rupees
    Ending time: 24 hours after last valid bid.

    pickup/preview chest: /v 12757 at SMP6
  2. 3k baby!
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  3. 5k!

    You wot mate?
  4. Five thousand,
    five hundred
  5. 9k because why not?
  6. No no no no no... 8.5k (gotta catch up to SkareCboi's 138 vault pages)
  7. Invalid :/
  8. Hehe... i cant type... 9.5k
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  9. You won the Vault voucher Crazy_TJ ! After payment you can pick it up at /v 12757 !
  10. Thanks. Will pay when I can get on.
  11. I've seen the payment, I setup a access sign right now!
  12. Okee dokee... thank you