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  1. Item: 1 vault voucher; for expanding ur vault with 1 vault page
    Start bid: 7000rupees
    Minimum bid increase: 100rupees
    Auction ends: 24hours after bid

    Enchantments: voucher has soulbound enchant (so u cannot drop it)
    Pick up: after auction u can collect item at residence 9093 on smp4
  2. 10000r
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  3. And here is BUMP :)

    but im already happy with the outcome ^.^
  4. And here is morning BUMP :)
  5. 11k
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  6. We had morning bump, so here is evening bump ^.^
  7. 12, 100 rupees
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  8. wow, this is going much better than i hoped! ^.^

    so now time for morning BUMP :)
  9. Evening BUMP, last bump? Good thing too, too much bumping shakes the thread up ^.^
  10. Brickstrike won with 12,100r!

    u have 2 options: pick up the voucher on 9093 or i can mail it to u.

    pick up: go to my res. u will see a chest with sign above across the street (right side). thats the pickup.
  11. I will pay when I have the chance to log on.
    What SMP are you located on?
  12. smp4
  13. Just paid you the money.
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Thread Status:
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