[AUCTION] 1 Starter horse spawn egg

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  1. Item:1 Starter Horse Spawn Egg
    Starting Bid: 2.5k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ending Time: 24h after last bid
    Auction Pick up: 3851

    Desripion: Brown none
    Speed: 94.19 %
    Jump: 68.01 %
    HP: 25.00 %

    Good Luck everyone !!
  2. Horses can only be auctioned off in a minimum 10 quantity.
  3. Unless they are promo horses
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  4. The starter horse isn't listed on the wiki as a promo.
  5. My understanding was that once u spawn a starter horse it's no longer considered a "promo" I may be wrong
  6. Just in case this is a good auction 5500r.

    Could we get a moderator to verify this auction?
  7. 6k and sshhh i need dis :p
  8. 6100, so do I. ;)
  9. Who invited you into this fray. :eek::p
  10. 10K and it will get a good home!
  11. Myself breh
    10K m9
  12. lol, didn't see that one uptop,
  13. 20k and I'll love it for ever.
  14. It may be a 40 speed horse but SCREW IT!
  15. Are we really paying 21k for a starter horse that we haven't even validated as legal XD?
  16. ok ok fun is over back off ppl this is property of the dark side now!

  17. I'm taking my chances alright?! ;-;
  18. Also I give up, have fun with a horse that is slow, good luck :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.