[Auction] 1 SC of Enchanted Bows

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  1. 1 Single Chest (27) of enchanted bows:

    2x Power 3
    5x Power 4
    9x Unbreaking 3 Power 3
    5x Unbreaking 3 Power 4
    2x Flame 1 Power 4
    Infinity 1 Punch 1 Power 3
    Punch 1 Power 4
    Punch 2 Power 4
    Unbreaking 3 Flame 1 Power 4

    Starting at: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increase: 1r
    Ends: 36 Hours after last legit bid.
    Pick up: 1577 on smp1

    Game Of Thrones:
    Brace yourself, More auctions are coming. The forums are light and filled with auctions. All players should bid. When you place a bid, You either win or you lose. I demand a bid by combat.
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  5. 5.1k
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.