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  1. Item: ONE Enchanted Book, with the following enchantments

    - Efficiency IV
    - Fire Protection IV
    - Fire Aspect II
    - Sharpness IV
    - Luck of the Sea III
    - Flame I

    Six (and exactly these six) enchantments, all on one book.
    Starting Bid: 2000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid

    Additional information
    You may find the book in an item frame at /v 16771 dc at SMP8. All enchantments are listed under the book, just as they are listed here.
    The book will also be available for pickup within 48 hours of the auction's end, in this same room, in a locked chest with an [ACCESS] sign. For convenience, it will be marked with a redstone torch above it, to distinguish it from other chests in the room.
    ALTERNATIVELY, you may simply request delivery, and I will mail the book. Books are only mailed to winning accounts, (not sending it to your alt!) for security reasons.
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  2. 2100 rupees!
    I BID!!!
  3. Wow, I expected to come here and close out, but since bids are still in, BUMP.

    By the way thanks to all who bid and consider bidding.
  4. Alright, that's 48 hours, so the auction is closed. I will set the chest up later today (I'm just checking forums now before I get ready for work). It'll definitely ready by the end of today for you. Come to /v 16771 dc to pick it up later today, and let me know if you want it mailed instead.

    Please pay within 48 hours of this notice.
  5. Yes, you won, and you owe me 4.2k within 48 hours. I will be logging into EMC very shortly to make your book accessible.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.