[AUCTION] 1 Momentus's Toothpick

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  1. Have you always been struggling picking you teeth because those stupid toothpicks are too small? Then I have the perfect item for you! :D

    Item(s): 1 Momentus's Toothpick
    Starting Bid: 1k (1,000r)
    Min. Bid Incr: 100r
    Ends: 48 hours after the last valid bid

    Preview: /v nltimv 4 (SMP9)

    Happy bidding :)
  2. 5k
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  3. 8k
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  4. 18,000r
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    This is still cheap :)
  6. 20000
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  7. 20,500r
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    This is my 1,000th post!!! :):)
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    This is still a fair price :)
  10. You have won the auction :)
    Chest will be set up after payment