[Auction] 1 Mega Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Beacon

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  1. One Beacon Not named
    Starting Bid 10k
    Min Increase 100r
    End Time Auction: 24 Hours 2013-01-28_00.58.18.png Auction Pick up will Be at res 18416 On smp9.empire.us IN the Pick Up Bin
  2. Ment to do 24 hours after last Valid Bid woops lol
  3. Well whatever 10k ;)
  4. isnt 10k 10,000
  5. OH wait is that a bid???? dont know if your saying 10k is bad r good
  6. Umm yes... Your point?

    Also please only bump this thread and other auctions between 3-6 hours ;)
  7. If someone does not explicitly say that their post is not a bid and the post does include a rupees amount... IT IS A BID!
  8. sorry i didn't know I though your saying the bid was to high... and i wasn't bumbing it
  9. Okay, yes I bid 10k on this auction... Let's move on now ;)
  10. lol - Wow above read is funny

    BTW 11k
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  11. The next vaild bid would be 11,100, not 1,111. :p
  12. Well even if it did not count the other people's bid went right above hime :p
  13. I meant 11,111r. And now I'll bid 13,337r
  14. Well 333kirby is wining at 13,337. That is a robbery
  15. 17k
  16. I'm getting close to retail price... If I get outbid I'll be confused... Unless it's 17100 :rolleyes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.