[AUCTION] #1 Legit Godbow Ingame!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by killerzone, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Items:
    Antique Bow with:
    Power V
    Infinity I
    Punch II
    Flame I
    Unbreaking III.

    Starting Bid: 5000 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 200 Rupees

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 48 hours after me posting this thread (12:12AM CEST/CET)
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  2. -.-

    I keep forgetting to add condition: Yes it is brand new
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  3. Oh wait did I just bump my own auction? :eek:

    btw oCynder is in the lead with 6,2k! :D
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  4. i feel like this is really low right now?
  5. I mean 6.7 k
  6. 7.7 Lulz, looks like a face.
  7. Southpark347 is in the lead with 10k. -ón my phone
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  8. Our other bows last bid is currenty at 15k, this needs to go higher! and this bow is better than the other :D
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  9. Last bump before going to bed :D
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  10. Pickup place is 6003 - SMP3 :)
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  11. oCynder is in the lead with 16k! Around 5hours left :)
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Thread Status:
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