[Auction] 1 IDAY and 1 Empire firework (both soulbound)

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  1. What: 1 of each of the fireworks from the recent promo for USA's independence day
    Starting Bid: 20k (10k each)
    Minimum increase: 500r
    When does this madness end?!?!?: 24 hours after the last bid

    Delivery? Seeing as its just two items and easily vaultable, I can deliver to any res, any server.

    Happy Bidding :D

  2. Bump time for those who enjoy fireworks of many colors and shapes and such :D
  3. bump fo all you people out there, who love fireworks
  4. Buh-ump

    Darn I can't use colors on my phone :( whatever
  5. (I'm a minute or two early, deal with it)
  6. Nether Specter You have won! Once you have paid the money, I will deliver them to whatever residence you want
  7. It sucks that I just saw this...oh well, maybe next time...

    Closing thread.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.