[AUCTION] 1 God Bow

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  1. Auction item: Bow enchanted with power 5, unbreaking 3, infinity 1, flame 1, punch 2
    Starting bid price: 5000r
    Minimum bid increase: 100r
    Auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid.

    I think this is considered a god bow...
  2. Well I'm not sure id this is an godbow.
    Becouse At RandomZ resident he sells godbows with Flame 2 ( the max in Vanilia minecraft ).
    So I dont think this is an Godbow.
  3. This is actually a vanilla godbow, it's just a rare drop from the Enraged Skeletons, so it is still a god bow.
  4. I thought a godbow had Flame II, but thanis
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  5. Yeah you can't obtain Flame II in vanilla minecraft, hence why Flame II God bows go for a lot more, but this is still considered a god bow.

    5,000r by the way!
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  6. Bump

    Thanks for the insight :) I will keep this in mind
  7. Current Leader: cddm95ace at 6600r
    Current end time: 2:38 PM January 09, 2015
  8. Current top bidder: I_am_the_sloth at 6700r
    Current end time: January 9, 2015 8:33

  9. Sorry I meant that I_am_the_sloth has won the auction at 6700r. I will set up an access chest for you at my res on smp9 18487. Please provide payment as soon as possible. Thanks :)
  10. I went to pick up my bow then went to auction pick up but I dont have permission for the chest :/
  11. lol, i'm sure cocojar will change it.
  12. My deepest apologies :( I just finished setting that up. You will have access in about 5 minutes :) Sorry for the inconvenience
  13. No problem at all :)