[AUCTION] 1 DC Strength II, 1 DC Healing II, 1 DC Swiftness II, 1 DC Poison II (Potion Battle Kits)

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  1. Items: 1 DC Strength II, 1 DC Healing II, 1 DC Swiftness, and 1 DC Poison II (Instant Damage II)
    Starting Bid: 1500 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Preview on SMP5 at: /v 10814 or /v Czarina_Julie

    • Need to kick some serious you-know-what?
    • Want to kill mini-bosses?
    • Feel the need for speed?

    Well the Potion Battle Kit (PBK) will do the trick. Just imagine drinking a Strength II and Swiftness II potion before running into battle against a Momentus*, throwing a Posion II (Instant Damage II) potion causing 6 hearts of damage, following it up with an onslaught your diamond sword causing 260% damage, and then not having to worry about losing any of your life (hearts) because you have Healing II potion (Instant Health...restore 4 hearts instantly).

    With the PBK (Potion Battle Kit...4 chests double chests of potions), you'll be a lean mean Minecraft fighting machine. So what are you waiting on? Go ahead and bid, you know you want to?

    Special Note: If You desire any of the Strength II, Swiftness II, or Healing II potions to be splash potions I'll convert it. So say you want half of the Healing II potions to be splash potions (so you can throw them at undead mobs*), I'll turn them into splash potions for free (that's right, no additional cost to you the winner bidder).

    * IMPORTANT REMINDER - Please remember that undead mobs (e.g. Skeletons, Zombies, etc.) throwing a poison potion at them actually heals them, so throwing a healing potion at undead mobs will actually harm them. So don't be throwing a poison potion at a Marlix or minions of wither of the 2 mini-bosses, use health II against them
  2. No jadzdelirus ! Go away. Its mine! 5k
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    C'mon folks...this is a great deal for 4 DC of potions
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  4. Bump - remember folks, I'll convert the potions to splash for free.
  5. Auction is Closed!

    melle100 is the winner. Congratulations.

    Would you like any of those potions converted to splash potions> If so which ones and how many each would you like splash potions?

    Once payment is received, You'll be able to pickup the four DCs of potions.