[AUCTION] 1 DC of Nether Wart [CLOSED]

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  1. Hello everyone, it's rburke5786, owner of The Wooden Fortress on the smp5 server.

    Welcome to the 10th auction of The Wooden Fortress! Previously, I auctioned 2 DC of Potion of Swiftness (Both Types) which was sold to my buddy shavingfoam because it wasn't getting any bids.

    This time, we're auctioning off yet another DC of Nether Wart! Normally a DC of Nether Wart in my shop goes for 756r. That's when if you were to repeatedly left-click the shop sign. However, I'm giving everyone a good deal and making the starting price for this auction 350r! Which is 54.8% off the normal price! Buy this from me and put it to good use! :) Here are the auction rules:

    Item: 1 DC of Nether Wart
    Starting Bid: 350r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 50r
    Auction Closes: 24 Hours after previous valid bid

    Pick-Up Information
    Address 10225 on smp5 server. While connected to the smp5 server, type "/v 10225 main". You should see Iron Gates that are controlled via Daylight Sensor (you can still get in at night). Go though those gates and turn left, if you go through a set of wooden doors, you've gone to far! You need to find the teleporter pad that has the sign "Auction Board STEP HERE" and step on it. You will teleport to the auction board, this shows if items are ready for pick-up. I need payment first (Security Reasons) ;). Once I verify with the EMC Shopkeeper that I did receive payment, I will go into game and put up the "Access" signs over the appropriate chests. The auction board will say "Items Ready for Pick-Up" next to the auction info (Who was the highest bidder). Since this is a 1 DC auction, you need to go to the "Auction Aisle". This can be done by turning right and finding the teleport pad for it. Once there, there will be several DC's there, find the chest(s) that have a picture of Nether Wart over it along with a access sign with your name. You can pick-up from there! If you only see more than 3 DC's of where you teleported to, you went to the wrong place!
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  2. Bump! We are at 3k, anyone willing to top that?
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  3. Bump! About 3 hours remaining in the auction.
  4. Auction is offically Closed

    Winner: Devartete with 3,000r
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