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  1. AUCTION: 1 DC of every Music Disk ( Music Disk are : 11, 13, Blocks, Cat, Chirp, Far, Mall, Mellohi, Stal, Strad, Wait and Ward)
    Starting Bid: 24K
    Bid Increment: 250
    Auction End: 72 Hrs after last Valid Bid
    Pickup Only: 9272 SMP4, in the middle of the room

    I hope the images will display in the spoiler tag as they are 12 of them

    11.jpg 13.jpg blocks.jpg cat.jpg chirp.jpg far.jpg mall.jpg mellohi.jpg stal.jpg strad.jpg wait.jpg ward.jpg
  2. bump before bed time
  3. almost there ShavingFoam. And Bump
  4. bump less than 48hrs till sideshowallie wins
  5. bump, Just under 26 hrs until sideshowallie wins
  6. bump before bed in AUS, nearly payday for me.
  7. sideshowallie wins. pay on pickup at 9272 on smp4 in the center of the room you will find 12 DC with the discs in them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.