[AUCTION] 1 DC of Brick Blocks

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  1. Hey EMCers! It's rburke5786 Owner of The Wooden Fortress on smp5. Welcome to my 27th auction!

    Since the auction for a DC of Brick Blocks went so well last time and sold at 60,000r to HxCami10 (Thanks again HxCami10 :D), I decided to do it again, this'll give everyone who lost or missed the last auction yet another chance!

    Item: 1 DC of Brick Blocks
    Minimum Start Bid: 25,000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 250r
    Auction Ending Time: Sunday September 4th @ 5:00 PM CDT (6:00 PM EMC Time)

    Auction Pickup Information: These Brick Blocks are stored in a chest in the Auction Pick-Up Aisle in The Wooden Fortress. Use "/v 10225 auction1" to get there. Shop Policy: Before the access sign is setup I require payment first (Security ;)), when payment is received I'll setup the access sign at said pickup location. Good Luck to Everyone!
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  2. 30k
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  3. 35,000r
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  4. 40k
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  5. Bump!

    BenMA is in the lead with 40,000r! Anyone willing to dig in their pockets a little deeper and out bid that?
  6. Bump!

    Just Under 2 Days Remain in the Auction!
  7. Bump!

    Just Under 22 hours remain in the auction!
  8. 40,500
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  9. Bump!

    M4ster_M1iner is in the lead with 40,500r! Anyone willing to dig in their pockets a little deeper and out bid that? We'll find out... 3 hours remain in the auction.
  10. 42 000r
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  11. Auction Closed

    Victory goes to Jimbonothing64 with 42,000r!
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  12. Paid :)
  13. Access sign is set up at "/v 10225 auction1" on smp5. :D
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