[Auction] 1 DC Enchanted Bows (level I-II, mixed)

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  1. 1 DC of Enchanted Bows, full durability, level 1-II, mixed (list below)
    Starting Bid: 100r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 12 hours after last valid bid

    *This is my first auction...sniff...go easy on me guys and gals. :p

    24x Power I
    10x Unbreaking I
    4x Unbreaking I, Power I
    7x Power II
    5x Unbreaking II
    2x Unbreaking I, Power II
    2x Unbreaking II, Power II

    Items will be available for pickup on my res at SMP1-1170.
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  2. Bumpity Bump Bump. Great for resale, gifts for friends, conversational pieces or just messing around with when you don't want to waste your god bows.
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  3. Badada bump bump-bump bump...green acres is the place for me...

    1DC of enchanted bows, kill stuff with em, give em to pals, use em as drop prizes instead of dirt, resale, throw em in lava just because...their uses are endless!

    C'mon on down to NFB's world of discount bows and bid today!
  4. Ba-bump. Unless there's another bid, this entire DC of enchanted bows will go away for 100r tonight. Heck...I would bid on them for that price myself!
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  5. 200r Just cause i can haha. :)
  6. 2000r* Haha missed a zero :p
  7. Just to make sure no one outbids me when i'm asleep and in school tomorrow i will bid 15k/15000r :D
  8. Patr1cV wins the auction. Oddly(?) no more bids after 15k. Items will be available at my res smp1-1170, in the auction house just left of my res spawn. I'm not at home/computer atm so please give me a couple hours to grant chest permissions. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience for the delay.
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  9. Paying now as i am typing this. Just send me a pm when i can pick up! :)
  10. Will do and I can offer a vault access refund if you're not a smp1 resident. I would offer delivery but I think I'll only have time to quickly pop in this morning.
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  11. That's alright i have more than five vault pages so it's free for me! But thanks anyways! :D
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