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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by teethgrinder1, Jul 11, 2015.

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  1. Item:Beacon
    Starting Bid:15000
    Min Bid Increment:15000
    Bid Ends 24 Hours after last valid bid
  2. I'm interested, but is the Minimum Bid Increment ACTUALLY 15k or is it one too many zeroes?
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  3. you starting bid is way to high and your bid increment is way to high too
  4. Your minimum bit increment is too high.
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  5. well, i don't want to lose money
  6. and someone did bid 15k, so it is evened out now
  7. 1. Please do not double post like that.

    2. The next person who wants to bid cannot bid because the minimum bid increment is too high. It will make the item cost more than it it worth. Please change it.
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  8. future tip set bid increment to at least 100-500 and starting bid at least 1k trust me you will make money on it and ppl will bid more.
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  9. your nuts if you think you are going to make a ton of rupees from this. they are only worth up to 18k.
  10. If even that much.
  11. Ok.

    1. The average price of a beacon is 15-19k. The minimum increase is to high.

    2. Please don't post something till the 3 hour limit is up as its considered a "BUMP"

    3. Your not getting any more money, don't expect more than 15k.
  12. Easiest win I've ever had. Also most controversial auction. xD
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  13. I won the auction, where do I pick it up?
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