ATTENTION! Smp9 needs YOU!

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  1. smp9 has been on decline-scratch that, downward spiral. We need some wealthy players to come in and create large shops, jobs, and just fun things to do in general. Without them smp9 will surely be known as "The Ghost Town" or "No Man's Land" or some other clever thing. Please! we need you!
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  2. I feel the same way! SMP9 has hardly any players on it, ever!!! /Sarcasm
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  3. Dead man's land
  4. Lol
  5. Looks like you two have just appointed yourselves smp9 activity directors.

    Seriously, I've got a few ideas I've been thinking of trying on my server. We could discuss them here or in PM. I'd be interested in seeing what other people may have to add.
  6. There's actually more players than most of other servers.. They're just ALL new except for like 5 or 10..

    Big wealthy players left,got banned etc... The only efficient shops left...
    There are currently NO SHOPS.. In exception of Queendiva which just came from her vacations.

    So, If anything wants to build a HUGE SHOP,please do...
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  7. I would build something like 9000 but i cant build worth crap.
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  8. well whatcha got? we could use some cool stuff
  9. get the newly approved schematica mod and copy the blueprint for 9000
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  10. It would take so long though and with all my Geometry homework and band activities, im not sure ill be able to tackle it.
  11. do u have money? cuz u could hire people to get the schematica mod and do it for/with you just tell them the coordinates u want it at, and send em the schematic
  12. Good point i have like 60k i could do that.
  13. What are you talking about Gap? There are a lot of shops on smp9, they're just really bad. I run a shop, you've been there a million times. I just fail at stocking it, mostly. Queendiva's shop is pretty good and I'm sure you know she's trying to sell everything out and renovate. :p
  14. I agree.
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  15. Meh it's not that hard. I've got four mods on minecraft. Schematica, Forge Mod Loader (required for Schematica), Rei's Minimap, and Optifine. Each are fairly easy to download.

    S/N: I played the alto sax for 7 years so I know how busy that can get. :)
  16. I don't consider a place with Empty chests and signs a "Shop".

    It's either stocked.... or it's not a shop.
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  17. It must have been hard to eat and drink. Ba Dum Cha!
  18. Its a lot harder than just playing it for school. We have football games, basketball games, parades, and just some random stuff. Like tonight i have a game and tomorrow i have UW band day.
  19. Okay Herbrin. ;)
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  20. Dude I've done all that except basketball games. Believe me. Been there done that. I know. haha