Attention Server Owners! Behold!

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  1. I have created and updated my first plugin called "Anti-Bedrock" I am so happy I want to share it to the EMC community! Its a simple plugin that has a few lines of code! With permissions support too! A couple of people inspired me to code such as JustinGuy, Hammale, Dark_Balor, Lathanael, and Gyroninja. Those people develop plugins for the Bukkit community. So if you would like to check out my server plugin its right >>HERE<<. Java coding isn't easy (it gets easy when you learn) but the reason people do it is because the fun you have when you test your code and see that it works perfectly or maybe because Java is supported in all OS platforms :p.
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  2. I like this plugin, it's simplicity makes it lightweight which is great this times.
    You can also use other tools to block such thing (do same as your plugin) such as worldedit & worldguard (one of them, i think it's worldguard has the option to block placement of certain blocks)
    You should totally make some kid of config file where the server owner can select it's own block.

    A likey for you, sir.
  3. Thank you! :D I'm adding a config file soon. I'm planning to make a "group" setting much like MultiInv and it will use permissions. So lets say I make a group in my config file called Creative, below creative will be a list of item id's that players are NOT allowed to destroy blocks. So as a permissions node you will have to type "antibedrock.Creative" (case sensitive) to allow players to destroy those type of blocks. This will evolve to a fully flexible plugin, this is really helpful when it comes to creative mode or you want VIP members in your server to have a special block that no one else can place or destroy.
  4. Ugh! The moderators in BukkitDev haven't approved the new version yet! :(