Attention People Who Like Free Things:

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by RexBulby, May 4, 2012.

  1. Starting May 4th 2012 @ 8 PM ct I will be waiting to give a lucky person 1 full stack of snow (more, better prizes the longer it takes (up to diamonds if I have to) inside the giant blue box on my res. Along with whatever prizes will be won, the first person to reach me will have a plaque with their name and achievement on it on my res.

    My res is 6787 on smp3.

    CAUTION: One does not simply 'find' me.
    I will be high above the ground atop a snow covered cliff. The only way to reach me will be through narrow corridors of rushing rapids, across dangerous pitfalls of ice, and around the snowballs fellow EMC members may be using to distract you.

    If for some reason the task cannot be completed while Im online, I will leave the prizes in a chest where I would be standing. Take them and send me a private message with the password I will leave and a list of the contents I left in the chest along with how long it took to complete (roughest estimate is fine).
  2. Contest ended quickly.
    nonamenut beat the course in under 5 minutes! thanks for playing, course is open 24 7!
  3. Hehehehehe...... ^.^