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  1. I went to just now to sneak in one more vote before the new day rolls over for the site. And I see this at the top of the Screen:

    The votes have been reset as part of a monthly basis.

    Click Here to Vote!!!

    You may not realize what this means; but it means voting is more important than ever to stay closer to the top of the list. At the time of this post. EMC received 62 posts for the first day of July; but we are rank 106! I honestly think Everyone can do better than this. I will not can't make you vote, but it benefits the community by making empire minecraft look a whole lot better and bring in more new members. I think we will always have a strong community, but we can't grow if we don't bring more people in. Notice the note below- We can't control the p (uptime percentage) or the days since the server was added (which is about 8 months). We control the votes. which are 1 1/2 points each. Let's vote and get these servers FULL of members new and old!!!

    Note: How is a server's score determined?
    A server's score is determined by the following formula: n = p * 0.333d + 1.5v
    Where p is the overall uptime percentage, d is the amount of days since the server was added,
    and v is the total amount of votes for the server.

    Any questions- go ahead and ask them
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  3. I think you meant "I can't make you vote"....
    otherwise, I'd be curious to hear how u think you could make someone vote....
  4. Lol- good point I am editing that out now as to not confuse anyone else... And adding a link to vote