Attention Enchanted Book Producers

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  1. Do you produce echated books? Maybe you have access to unlimited unbreaking 3 books, but you can't get any silk touch. Or you really need luck of the sea 3, but your overflowing with protection 4. I may have a solution, a book exchange!

    HOW IT WORKS: I create a thread titled E. Book Exchange...
    You post what you have extras of and what you need

    I need Fortune 3
    I will trade efficiency v
    Pm if interested

    This would really help booksellers stay stocked, and save us all some money.
    Please add your comments, let's discuss this a bit :)
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  2. i like this idea
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  3. This is not generating the excitement I'd hoped it would. Is this a bad idea?
  4. Whats not to like It would be nice to be able to have a trade out!!
  5. This is an awesome idea, would love to see this in the Empire!
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  6. Good idea, sign me up!