Attention Biome Orientated Farm Owners

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  1. To those whom have Farms that function in specific biomes, odds are they are likely broken. This Includes: Wither Farms, Squid Farms, Old Slime Farms (Some may be okay), or any other farm that used a specified Biome. Out of the farms I owned that were Biome Oriented, they are all broken as the 1.8 Update had changed them. No biggie though. Check yer farms if you remember that you have one.

    Will be building new Wither Farm Project if any want to hop aboard it. Does include hard work but pays off in long run.

    If 1.9 is to come out, should I wait to build any farms until after EMC updates to 1.9 soon or build farm now and pray Biome don't break again?
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  2. Sadly, I think I'm going to have to confirm that my Wither farm is now a nicely slabbed Pigman farm. This was number four after three others have broken. No Ink from my Squid farm either in about ten minutes of waiting so far.

    I'm not sure how many more times I care to do the same farms over again. I was planning on trying a Guardian farm next, but...

    I empathize with anyone trying to supply a shop.
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  3. On the other hand, I have made changes to turn on the code that saves location, so any new farm you build will stay working on the next major update.

    I wish I could of done it sooner, but didn't really have time when the update that added it came out, and never reconsidered trying to optimize that code until I was absolutely forced to last night >.<

    Because we had structure saving turned off, it made Monuments regenerate every server restart.... >_>
  4. Haha its not a big deal, My farms now work as other farms IE my wither farm has turned into a nice producing gold farm so its not entirely useless, if anything that gives me less work to build a nether gold farm and just expand the newly founded pig man platforms :)
  5. Update: I just checked and I have 6 Ink Sacs after about an hour and a half wait. I guess that means it is not strictly broken. Since this is a Desert Biome, I wonder if removing then replacing the Water might fix it.

    As far as saving location information, I think you'll understand if I find it hard to trust that. You know the saying: Fool me four times, shame on me...
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  6. To be fair, I straight up said I disabled mojangs structure saving code when it was added because they implemented it badly :p

    It's still bad, but i've disabled parts of it so only fortress, monuments and strongholds save.

    However for witch farms, I have no idea how thats suppose to work as Mojang doesn't even have code for them:

        static {
            b(WorldGenMineshaftStart.class, "Mineshaft");
            b(WorldGenVillage.WorldGenVillageStart.class, "Village");
            b(WorldGenNether.WorldGenNetherStart.class, "Fortress");
            b(WorldGenStronghold.WorldGenStronghold2Start.class, "Stronghold");
            b(WorldGenLargeFeature.WorldGenLargeFeatureStart.class, "Temple");
            b(WorldGenMonument.WorldGenMonumentStart.class, "Monument");
    So I wonder if they break even in Vanilla.

    *Edit* oh i found some code, but its not stored in a custom file. so maybe its saved to the chunk.
  7. You can always download a 1.7 witch farm then update to 1.8 to find out :p
  8. Odd my witch farm still seems to be functioning. Good to know any new farms will be safe in 1.9.
  9. I wonder if this affects end farms? My XPender has decreased its rates dramatically since 1.8 :(.
  10. 1.9 already emc just got to 1.8 XD
  11. I am a little confused on how this works... with the changing of the biomes. If I find a place to put a wither farm now is it possible that even though the structure is there that it isn't considered a stronghold anymore?
  12. Would it be possible once things quiet down, to copy, then modify the data from an existing fortress and overlay a broken one with it? The fortress would need to meet some minimum requirements and you would need the original fortess' coordinates for it to work.
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