Attention attention bordercraft service is on

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  1. Castlecraft the all new multiserver service that lets you have a res like a castle

    How it works:
    I build a res border out of wood (self supplyed) or whatever material you want (not self supplied)
    How much you pay
    Wood (oak)
    It will be 20r per block height unless you want your`s castle-like which the last layer is 10r
    10r per block height no matter if its castle-like
    My brothers,Friends,or smp8 people will get it discounted

    Brothers get it 10r per block

    Friends get 5r less per block

    Smp8 people get it 15r for wood and 5r for other materials


    Dakingrulz 2 layer castle-like

    this is the minimum if you want more proof I am going to need some more customers

    What your res can look like (designed by Nate_Alex)

    Dingdong1405 Tried this out check his new res border
  2. On his res you casn buy a little space
  3. ( i think )
  4. Chapulin Colorado!
  5. I see you dont get it.... It was obvious. I go to your res and make a border like a castle. you get a castle and i get money (towers not included)
  6. I see you know my character
  7. Once you have done one - You should post a Screenshot ;)
  8. Ok I will do that after i straiten things out Dakingrulz`s res has a perfect example of a 2 layer border castle-like
  9. So a 200 layer one should cost
    20x5 100 5 200 10 20x200= 4,000r
    So for you to make a wall 200 blocks high it would cost me 4,000 or less?
    (Because the dirt starts at x block height)
    Good Deal :D.
    Too bad I don't have any residences availble.
  10. BorderCraft is a texture pack dedicated to the game "Borderlands" (amazing game, i highly suggest it). I suggest changing your name, since all you seem to be doing really is making walls. I also suggest elaborating about what you actually do. The earlier confusion was caused by a very vague OP.
  11. Borderwhat?
  12. Now renamed CastleCraft is the all new castle making servicee for your res.
  13. This sounds like it could be an MC server name.
  14. It's an iOS MMO.
  15. well i mean no refrence to servers i just tried to come up with a name
  16. BTW the service will be halted until further notice

    I need to rebuild my res
  17. I was thinking the same exact thing.
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  18. I suggest BorderCastleCraft as a name