[ATTENTION] All Wildnerness base owners and they who don't got any!

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  1. If you find a base with Maybe unlocked chests,spawner,Etc then it's still like in town to grief it bases is like a wilderness res!So to replay If you mine and maybe find a base with good stuff in then not grief it! Someone can get sad if you do, To destroy their ALL work! :)Remember bases are ment to be secret not try to be found and decovred!
  2. Where does it say wild bases have to be secret and hidden? As you said, griefing and stealing is not allowed in the wild and will result in a ban. Just like in town. I know many players hide their stuff in the wild and that is fine but I also happen to know a lot of people that live in open wild communities and do not want to hide underground to enjoy mob huntung and epic storms :)
  3. Well to say I getting griefed right now! Extreme griefing!!!
  4. Take a screenshot now
    Press f2 now
    Send it to a mod/admin
    Press the F2 repeatly
    Take lots of shot!!
  5. also do
    /report insert_griefer_name_here
  6. Hope this is true I had a dbl spider spawner that someone came in stole the sticky pistons and redstone lamps and had the gaul to destroy one of the spawners. Then they went to the other one that was nearby and stole my brewing stand and all the brewing ingredients and other items. Not cool. I have come upon countless number of bases and I dont even look in the chests because its not my property nor do I mess with their stuff. That does not make me a better person that just means I am a person with morals. I know this is just a game but this kind of behavior just reflects how some people can be total deuschbags. My advice "DON'T BE A DEUSCHBAG" Hows that for my 1st post ever
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  7. Remove the name, you can get banned for that