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  1. I have made a res that is going to be dedicated to steven universe songs and pixel art! So far, I have only made one song, however, I will be making much more. If you would like to donate, I need noteblocks and redstone repeaters :) If you guys have any suggestions for SU songs, please post down below. If its a very long song, such as Stronger than You, I might have to only do the chorus. If you want to check it out do /v 18561!

    Have fun :D
    Ill update when I create more songs!
  2. BUMP! Added the steven universe theme song :D
  3. Bump! Added the first verse of Stronger than you and also added infinite Lavender Town theme from pokemon!
  4. Steven Universe is awesome. Can't deny it. Watched one earlier today.
  5. YAY :D You are automatically my friend now. Any suggestions for songs?
  6. I would have to think about it.