Attack on Titan Tribute Game!

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  1. The Attack on Titan Tribute game is a game where you can choose from nine different characters from the Attack on Titan anime to kill titans. There are a variety of maps that range from a city with tons of buildings to a forest with giant trees. Using your 3D maneuvering gear you attach onto building and titans to try and cut the back of their neck. You can also get different damage scores.

    W,A,S,D = Movement
    Shift = Control gas canisters (make you go faster)
    Q,E = Shoot grappling hooks
    Space = Shoot both hooks
    Ctrl = Dodge
    P = Pause
    R = Reload hooks
    T = restart
    Back space = Full screen

    Anyone who plays can share tips, tricks, and their highest scores scores down below!
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  2. So this is not the greatest game ever played... it's only a tribute?
  3. I'm actually not quite sure.