Attack of the creeper

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  1. I bet that title caught your attention? Well I made it sound cool so people will answer my question. When you in the wild at night or in early morning do you ever feel like a creeper is just gonna pop out of no where? Well I'm super paranoid now after I looked around and there were no creepers in early morning then when I walk straight a creeper just comes out of hiding behind a tree! I exploded obviously... And have you ever been kicked out of a server and logged back in and your stuff was gone? I had full diamond armour and I lost it all...
  2. I don't like misleading titles. They mislead me. I thought this was a creative story thread. :(
  3. It's fine. Sorry if I insulted you. To get this back on topic, I don't really get paranoid in the wild, because....
    I'm too busy sleeping?
  4. niether do I because I don't go in the wild (it depresses me to much to go in there :( )
  5. Well if u sleep when somone is in the wild u don't actually sleep?
  6. I'm paranoid during thunderstorms. If it is raining & I'm in the wild I am staying in my hiding spot. Right after the wild got reset, my brother & I wandered out to a village in the middle of nowhere on SMP1. We wandered around, all was good, until we got ready to leave. It was raining, I left the house first, turned a corner and BOOM....walked right into the path of a charged creeper. Killed me, luckily my brother grabbed all my stuff. Well then I had to run from the spawn point all the way back to the village with nothing. I saw 2 more charged creepers on that run back. Finally got back, we left and on our way home, it started raining again. We took refuge in a tree (that got lit on fire thanks to lightning) and we saw another charged creeper.
    So...yeah, not going out wandering when it is raining. Creepers are bad enough, charged creepers are just scary :confused:
  7. sounds like you had a bad day
  8. Lol couldn't agree more
  9. Yeah, bad day about sums it up. Ha. That is the only time I've ever seen a charged creeper & I hope I never see another one
  10. I'm always cautiously looking for creepers. I had an incident once where my sister and I were playing. She said if she came back and our house was blown up I was to find my own house, she'd build her own. Right after she left I went out to gather wood, got blown up three times, made it back to my stuff and the house. Made two doors and placed one. Removed a block to place the next, creeper looks around the corner "SUP GIRL!?" BOOM! Then another walked right in and blew up. So I had to rebuild the doorway.

    As far as on EMC my advice is don't go to the desert at night without armor or make sure you don't have anything too important lol. Deserts at night seem to attract Creepers. Not seen a charged one though. I have to agree, thunderstorms make me panic. The first I was in I got struck underground somehow. All I can figure is I got too close to the opening I had made to see when it was clear to get out of my hole.
  11. Lol, that sucks