Attack of the B-Team MODDED SURVIVAL!

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  1. I will be doing a modded survival of the Attack of the B-Team Modpack. Screenshots of my adventures will start daily tomorrow.

    This modpack is included in the Technic Launcher.
    To get the Technic Launcher (and this modpack), go to

    Notice: Technic modpacks may contain mods disallowed on EMC. If you find a modpack that has 1.7 or higher and has an Illegal Mod, do NOT go on EMC and use these mods unless you are hungry for a permaban.
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  2. 2015-01-29_15.51.53.png
    We just started! We're getting wood...
    Being a noob and hiding in a hole in our first night (I know better than this)
    We've tunneled a house! Here's the exterior...
    And here's the interior. :p
    Chest Hat! An open chest on a hat!
  3. Nice Ive been wanting to play this but I have a bad laptop XD
  4. The reason I was in the trapdoor hole for the first night was because I spent the 1st day doing one thing, getting wood. :p
  5. i would do this, but attack of the b team crashes my game... :p