Atomic Bunker

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  1. A while ago I thought to my self 'What if Aikar releases zombies in town?' 'What will happen to us?'
    I decided to make a Atomic Bunker, and yes it is also zombie proof :p
    I thought about alot of details, but I need you guys to help me out some more!

    What does a Atomic Bunker need?
    - Ofcourse food and water!
    - A living room
    - A bedroom
    - Storage room
    - And alot of security!

    The food and water problem was easy, I decided to make a greenhouse!

    In the greenhouse, light is produced by nature :D
    I didn't had to add lights becouse the greenhouse is fully made out of glass!

    I thought it didn't provide me enough food, so I made a small farm!

    The next thing was, how can I make alot of rooms in a small space?
    I decided to make a huge cilinder with a spiral stair going down beneath the surface!

    Alright so that problem is fixed, the next one is a living room, seems easy right?
    Well it was easy :D

    I deiced to add a kitchen as well, becouse the produced food had to be cooked anyway.

    Alright this problem is fixed as well, the next one is a bedroom!
    That isn't that hard isn't it?

    And ofcourse I thought to myself 'this room misses something', but what is it?
    Well it was a room just to Netflix and Chill!

    Next problem? A storage room!
    Well until now its still very easy, lets just do this one quik :p

    And to keep all of this organized, I needed a computer room :D

    And now the thoughest part of the bunker, the security.
    I started out by adding two huge vault doors that can only be openend from the inside of the bunker.

    These two doors could keep me safe, but I thought that it would take some more to keep away the zombies!
    After alot of thinking I came up with the following idea: A wall that can rise from the ground when needed, but it should also go into the ground when its not needed.
    After finding the right guy to help me out, we started making it, and these are the results so far.

    The wall is three layers high, so zombies nor people can jump over it!
    And when the wall wasn't needed, I could just turn it off and it would dissepear!

    The walls are still being made becouse of the gigantic amount of time and recources it takes to finish all the sides of my residence :(

    And as last, a overview of my residence.

    What my question to you guys is : What should I add to the bunker? I have three more rooms left and plenty of space!

    Extra Information

    Landscaping is done by Neonkillah
    Some redstone is done by Neonkillah
    Redstone is done by AWW1010


    Becouse of the gigantic amount of redstone it takes to make these walls I could use some donations.
    For example I could use Rupees, Redstone, Sticky Pistons, Cyan Stained Clay, Quart Blocks and tons of other stuff!
    If you want to donate something, send me a message on the Forum or In-Game


    My resident is closed for public at the moment becouse of items laying around.
    If you'd like to visit my Atomic Bunker send me a message on the Forum or In-Game
    Hope to see you soon :D
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  2. Pretty cool, I like the wall! Now I can be sure that if there IS an Aikar Apocalypse that there is somewhere to go where people can survive!
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  3. Nice, I love the style you are using just need more light colored blocks and less wood, I hate wood, lol.
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  4. Looks gud!
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  5. Wow, I really like the wall
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Pretty cool :)

    Im currently getting material to build something like this, in a redstone sense.
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  8. I built a bunker on my res, which isnt finished yet.
  9. Awesome bunker! I am trying to make some farms underneath my res, but the development is slow.
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  10. If you have a realy good shovel, Eff V, Unbreaking III you can make alot of room real quik :)
  11. I usually waste money on ESCDs :p
  12. If Aikar starts a zombie apocalypse, I'm running to your res. =P Anyways, sick idea bro.

    You should try making a TP station to your neighbours' residences, so you can loot them once the apocalypse is in full motion / recruit survivors.
  13. No Aikar wouldn't do that :rolleyes:
  14. Nah he totally wouldn't. *rolls eyes*
    It's gonna be a Kryssy apocalypse.
  15. 2 thumbs up for the wall!:D
  16. Like the wall idea the most! Love it :D
  17. Looks nice, wouldn't rely on it during a nuke strike - it's on the surface. For the Zombies, you could add:
    - a moat, so they are not lurking around your green house
    - a platform on top from which you could sniper them
    - lava dispensers in front of the doors to initially clear your front step
    - hidden passage to sneak out to get more supplies
    - TNT belt to blow up when needed

    Let me know if you need more :)
  18. Just as a reminder, one can't tell a significant difference between an escd and an eff V shovel :p