Ataraxia Building Co.

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  1. Hello Everyone. I have decided to start a building company :p
    Thus forth came Ataraxia Building Company, or A.B.C. :D

    So Here's a little about the prices and what you can do and stuff xD

    Small Builds are 20x20- Provided with items needed is 7k, and 10.5k without
    Medium Builds are 45x45- Provided with items needed is 14k, and 19k without
    Large builds are 60x60- Provided with items needed is 23.5k, and 30k without

    I will build on Utopia.
    If you send me an image I will try to rebuild it, and I will judge the size of it
    I will fully furnish/add what you want in the interior/exterior (Like a fountain or a "Kitchen"
    I will do redstone things, like Auto sorters, auto brewers, etc. (Just ask me about these, Ill price them differently than the items above.

    How to place an order- To place an order put this in a book in quill and mail it to me

    [What you want to be built]
    The size
    What SMP
    Your name (Just incase I forget)
    If you providing materials or not
    If there is a time it needs to be done by put that also

    If its something Redstone like the Auto sorter etc. just send me a book saying what redstone thing you want built, and ill get back to you on it.


  2. Could you upload some screenshots of your work?
  3. Sure, anything I do upload wont be finished :p
  4. Here You go, as you see most isn't finished, anything I have built that was finished in single player was on my old pc and I don't have it anymore
  5. Woops Link messed up, let me fix that, now I gotta reupload everything -.-
  6. You've done some great work and I love that wall, very detailed, yet simple. I'm not sure what to build on my res, so how about a garden around my residence? It'd be a 60x60 without a 20x20 center. We can discuss in a convo.