Assistance needed for Smp7 Mega Mall

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  1. I am currently making a buy / sell Mega Mall on smp7 on res number 14444. I was planning on hiring someone to set-up their own shop signs but only in the sections Redstone and Spawn Eggs. I am looking for a person that would be responsible about keeping their section stocked and you must have fun at the same time. Please post here if you are interested and If I don't choose you, it's not personal :)

    **I may change my mind about hiring someone to "own" their own section**

    Here are some Screenshots of the Mall


    2013-10-13_17.48.57.png -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Changes may be made to the appearance
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  2. Wow very nice. but i cant help with a section cause i cant keep anything stocked :p
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  3. Thanks, for the reply anyways :)
  4. I can maybe donate a few k. i liked the original setup though
  5. Ive been inactive so im lost so... uh.... what happened to 14141?
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  6. Something happened between me and the actual res owner. I honestly don't even know what happened...

    So I'm making a shop on my own res \o3o/
  7. Any donations of rupees, materials, or even your head is greatly appreciated. Donations will be displayed so that people know that you have donated :D
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  8. I would help take care of the spawn eggs section. :)
  9. It'd be better if I worked with one person that ran both the sections, but if I can't find anyone willing to do both then I'll consider splitting the sections with 2 people.
  10. Ok then :)
  11. Bump, still need someone :/
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  12. you know..i might know a guy
  13. I hope it's not who I think it is :p
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  14. im here but theres nothing for sale...
  15. I could help with sheep and cow eggs...? :D
  16. I could do both of them but I might have to go mining first.
  17. I could help you in the redstone area my old friend.